Behind the name – “Kando” in Farsi language is honey comb structure which are made of hexagons –  the strongest shape known!

The hexagonal shape is prevalent in honeycombs because it is the most efficient way to fill a space using the least amount of material. This design allows honeycombs to be constructed with minimal wax while providing exceptional strength under compression. Therefore, if you need something to bear a lot of weight, pick hexagon.

Kando Studio, established in 2020, is a design studio based in West London that specializes in interiors, pattern and print design. The studio’s print division, Fariba Soltani Ltd, has been operating independently since 2013.

Our studio is a platform for exploring various curiosities and connecting spaces, stories, and cultures through design and collaborations.

We believe in putting the user at the center of our design approach, beginning each project by establishing a strong connection and understanding of the user(s) who will eventually interact with the design. We evaluate the space, design elements, colors, and objects in relation to the user. Our goal is to challenge conventional concepts and aesthetics by seeking out new and unexplored perspectives.

Before founding Kando Studio, Fariba gained valuable design experience at Foster and Partners, working on large-scale resort projects, high-rise towers, and mixed-use buildings. Some of her notable projects include Serrenia, a luxury lifestyle development in Egypt, Kenny Heights in Malaysia, and New Holland Island in Russia.