Jaime Hayon, an Spanish designer, and a household name in the industry. He is known for his visionary work that knows no boundaries.  His vision blends the lines between art and design and his finally-crafted art and unique language reflect themselves within context of contemporary design culture from installation art, furniture, interior, product, sculpture, ceramics to small decorative objects.  Sculpture forms and whimsical bold graphics are his signature.

Jaime went to industrial design school in his hometown of Madrid and Paris. Having covered variety of topics at Paris school, from photography to screen printing after graduation found himself not being able to connect to one category to precede professionally.

He instead delved into what he felt mostly passionate about, the underground art and graffiti culture which we can now clearly see the whimsical traces of it in his work. 

In an interview with cool hunting he express, “The thing that I’ve learned the most is that having no category means you’ll do something interesting, because you go from one discipline to the other. “ 

He later joined Fabric, where he became a lead designer covering variety of projects from product, to interior and graphic design. Eight years later the urge to start his very own creative journey led to creation of Hayon Studio, with collection of toys, ceramic and furniture. His quirky items soon was discovered by design community and showcased in major exhibitions around the world and establishing him as a major player in the international design scene, merging the boundaries between art and design.