It was with great sorrow that I heard the news of Zaha Hadid’s passing. I first came across her work as a student and her beautiful drawings that was more pieces of art than traditional architectural blueprints inspired me. Whereas many saw the obstacles in her geometrical shaped drawings Zaha saw opportunities and the future. She turned conceived impossibilities into real structures. A true visionary but also a realist that made dreams come true. She made buildings come alive and for me she will always be remembered as the Queen of curve. She has inspired me through her strength and her pursuit of her unique conceptual designs. Nothing seemed impossible in the hands of Zaha. She is a true inspiration for me on so many levels, the Iraqi born Zaha broke not only architectural barriers but she was also the beacon of light for many young women in the traditional male dominated architectural field of work.

May her work be admired and remembered for many more generations to come.